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More Breakthroughs in Testing for COVID-19


Cue Health has been granted emergency use authorization for an over the counter COVID-19 test. The San Diego, CA-based company’s test is aimed at consumers ages 2, and older – without the need for a prescription.

The molecular nucleic acid amplification test is designed to detect genetic material from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It uses a lower nasal swab and delivers results in about 20 minutes to the user's mobile smart device. Each Cue OTC Test Cartridge Pack includes the single-use, self-contained Cue Test Cartridge and the Cue Sample Wand.

In prospective studies to evaluate the use of the Cue OTC Test, the results were 97.4% agreement for positive cases and 99.1% agreement for negative cases compared to the results from a highly sensitive EUA PCR laboratory-based test.

This is the first molecular diagnostic test available without a prescription,” said Ayub Khattak, Co-Founder and CEO of Cue. “For the first time, consumers can access laboratory-grade testing at home. This is an important milestone in the advancement of COVID-19 testing.”

The EUA follows another significant milestone Cue has had in recent months. The company raised a sizeable $100 million in a Series C financing back in June to help with the development of its molecular COVID-19 diagnostic.

Even as the story is becoming more about vaccine deployment – there are still significant developments in virus testing. Abbott Laboratories recently received EUA for a laboratory PCR Assay that detects and differentiates SARS-CoV-2, Flu A, Flu B, and RSV in One Test - and FDA EUA for Asymptomatic Usage of Alinity m COVID-19 test.

The Abbott Park, IL-based company was able to bring in $2.4 billion in COVID-19 testing-related sales for its 4Q20 earnings. Robert Ford, Abbott’s president and CEO spoke on the impact of the company’s testing efforts.

“We realized very early that a variety of different testing solutions would be required to tackle the pandemic,” Ford said according to a Seeking Alpha transcript of the earnings call. “With that understanding, starting last March we developed and launched an entire portfolio of tests to target the virus. The biggest contribution in the fourth quarter came from our rapid lateral flow test to detect the virus, which includes BinaxNOW in the U.S. and Panbio internationally. These are highly portable, reliable, and affordable tests and in just 15 minutes can detect if someone is infectious without the use of an instrument, which means the test can be performed in virtually any setting, such as physician offices, pharmacies, urgent care centers, workplace settings, and even at home.”

Article source:MDDI Online by Omar Ford




















2015年,制造装备公司楚天科技(行情300358,诊股)(300358,SZ)表示正在研发医药机器人和医疗机器人,一年后,首台医药无菌生产智能机器人下线,步入医药装备4.0时代;2017年11月,科大讯飞(行情002230,诊股)(002230,SZ)研发的医疗机器人“智医助理”通过临床执业医师综合笔试,目前已进入合肥基层卫生中心,辅助全科医生进行诊疗;2017年,埃斯顿(行情002747,诊股)(002747,SZ)收购美国Barrett 30%股权,全面进军康复医疗机器人市场,并计划与Barrett共同出资在中国境内成立一家新的合公司。


国产机器人拥有成本优势 在多家企业布局的背后,是医疗机器人巨大的市场潜力。普华永道中国发布的《医疗机器人宏观应用趋势与研究方向》显示,2014年,全球医疗机器人的市场价值是26亿美元,到2020年预计会达到76亿美元。